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CodeVision AVR

CodeVision AVR is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Atmel AVR series of
microcontrollers.  Its highlights include:

  • a full-featured ANSI compatible C compiler
  • flexible, full-featured editor with syntax highlighting (or link to your own editor)
  • automatic code-generation wizard with peripheral support
  • programming interface for standard programmers addressing the full line of AVR devices
  • libraries and examples for a number of external peripheral devices
  • integrated terminal program for serial communications
  • Code Navigator, Call Tree, Code Information tab, and many other features
CodeVision AVR extension (Standard Version)
Price:  $
95 USD (one-year of support and upgrades
for an existing CVAVR installation)
ChipBlaster AVR    Price: $70 USD
stand-alone programmer for AVR devices
CodeVision AVR IDE (for Microsoft Windows)
Chip Blaster V2.01
ChipBlaster screenshot
ChipBlaster is a Universal In-System interface compatible with a variety of programming
hardware.  It supports projects, allowing one-button programming of AVR devices.  It is a useful
tool for production environments.
NOTE: The CodeVision AVR evaluation version must be uninstalled before installing the full version.
Arctan is a Canadian-based distributor of CodeVision AVR by HP InfoTech. Codevision AVR is an
excellent tool for microcontroller development.  It is accessible and straightforward for new users,
with flexibility and powerful features for experienced programmers.  CodeVision AVR has an active
user forum and top-notch support from HP Infotech.
CodeVision AVR has the CodeWizard automatic code generator for all AVR devices including
the XMEGA devices and includes the following:
  • support for 64-bit integer math operations
  • libraries for a variety of sensors and USB support
  • libraries for graphical LCDs using the following controllers:
  • Samsung KS0108 / Hitachi 61202
  • Epson SED1335 / RAiO RA8835
  • Epson S1D1370x
  • Solomon Systech SSD13xx OLED displays
  • S-MOS Systems SED1520 / JRC NJU6450
  • Toshiba T6963C
  • Epson S1D13700 and SED1530
  • Sunplus SPLC501C
  • Sitronix ST7565 in both parallel and serial modes
  • Sitronix ST7920
  • UltraChip UC1608
  • UltraChip UC1701 in both parallel and serial modes
  • Philips PCD8544 (used in the LCDs of the Nokia 3310, 5110 phones)
             Color TFT LCDs supported in CodeVision AVR Advanced only:
  • Ilitek ILI9325 for color TFT 240x320 LCDs
  • Solomon Systech SSD1289 for color TFT 240x320 LCDs
  • Solomon Systech SSD1963 for color TFT 320x240, 480x272, and 800x480 LCDs
  • Solomon Systech SSD2119 for color TFT 240x320 LCDs
  • DELCOMp XG7100v3
Standard Version:  $190 USD
(includes one year of support and upgrades)
The latest version of CodeVision AVR is V3.34
(Standard and Advanced)
CodeVision AVR  extension (Advanced Version)
Price:  $1
30 USD (one-year of support and
upgrades for an existing CVAVR installation)
Advanced Version:  $270 USD
(includes one year of support and upgrades)
Upgrade (Standard to Advanced): $70 USD
CodeVision AVR can now be used as an Atmel Studio 6.2 extension, or with its own IDE